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AccIndy offers over 200 target languages and is the ONLY agency in North America & Canada with the most extensive network of in-house SANGO linguists.
Ask for our Trilingual Specialists* on demand for English, Sango, and French. 

Contactez-nous pour tout autre langue, nos experts seront ravis de vous servir à la demande.

"At AccIndy LLC we provide you with Peace of Mind and Accountability while your business focuses on its deliverables and growth."




Everything Sango

AccIndy™  is a woman minority-owned business dedicated to bridging the gap in language communication for English, French, and Sango. We give a voice to Limited English Speakers settling in the US and provide high-quality services internationally. 

AccIndy™  prides itself in its ability to 24hr availability services for our domestic first responders working on the front line with a Limited English Person and in a variety of industries in the US, Europe, and Africa. We are committed to your confidentiality. As We are HIPAA-certified, and all linguists have thorough background checks.




We provide accurate, customized, and effective support and resources geared towards our partners' satisfaction. We bring peace of mind, trustworthy relationships so partners can ultimately focus on what matters to thrive in sustainable business growth and life skills development.


AccIndy is committed to establish strong connections and develop lasting partnerships with its community network. Our mission is to provide excellent language services, education, and training. We strive to bring the top values practices maximizing our business partners' potential, bridge the gap in communication between the diverse industries. We strive to bring our expertise to our clients to meet their goals and expectations effectively and to ensure life and business successes.