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AccIndy™ saw its first days in business through philanthropy and its advocacy program. We believe in the African Philosophy of Ubuntu. "Ubuntu can best be described as _"Being self through others."  It is a form of humanism expressed in the phrases "I am because of who we all are."

"The positive impact we have on the life of others, will be reciprocated to one's life"



Jocelyne Kongolo


"We do this because we care"

#AreWePartnersYet ?

" What makes AccIndy™ unique is that we care for our constituents and give back to the communities to improve the welfare and life of our non-English speakers.  Our small linguistics contribution can go a long way in facilitating the immersion and assimilation of the LEP in the host country's culture; vice versa, the country citizens will learn from the cultural diversity of their newcomers."

RMS and Roots.

 AccIndy™ Trustees

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